Saturday, November 17, 2012

brothers and sisters.

salam weekend.
may our faith remains strongs n tough :)

so, whassup?
just wanna said that,
am too sad watching my brothers n sisters being hit by those israel laknatullah.
of course am not just watching, praying for them is the least i can do.
but know what, there's other things u can do as favor.

spread the news, spread the words.
never forget, islahlan diri masing2.
tell our kids, the whole story n history,
about palestin, israel, as-syahid hassan al-banna,
what? they r too small to know about war??
go to hell with the age limit,
those 8 years old palestinian kid hold a gun n ready to fight for Islam.
our kids??
barbie, dragon ball, naruto n all that stuff -,-

the fact is, i got more sad to see the condition of muslims nowadays.
where they r only muslims to be stated in id,
yet they never take Islam as the way of life.

yup. u know what i mean.
so come on.
in order to fight the kuffar,
we need to fight our nafs.
Islahkan diri, dgn otomatiknya umat akan terISLAH.
In Sha Allah.
keep on praying. keep on believing.
we have Allah. Islam will rise one day.

p/s : xder nota kaki vkali ni. sekian.

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