Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Masih mencari

for the time being, will not yet to post about my #100 wishlists part 2.

I will, InsyaAllah one day. But not now.
As I am still struggling to regain 'hamasah' (spirit : semangat) to live in this world in accordance with Allah's blessing.

It seems like I have lost myself,
since.... I dont remember, maybe 6 months ago. or more than that.

*gila lama futurism menjajah diri*

so, i've come into a new resolution.
Starting from now on, my journey to regain, retransform myself will begin.

*please pray for me, for my success*
I will try.
Try to post everyday, or every 2 days, or every 3 days, weeks, about my struggling to get myself out from all this futurism diseases.
It very dangerous you know.
Once you attach to it too long, kind of impossible to get yourself out from the situation.

There were at point where I actually fed up on myself. I gave up.
But Allah is The Most Merciful, He never left His slave alone.

He gave His blessings by sending me this nice people.
A person who is full of enthusiasm to change into a better muslimah.
Like how I used to, 3 years ago.
She reminds me of myself when I was about to fall.

ok. see ya later. Tra. :)

p/s : takdak idea kering habih dah -,-

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